Seven Large Baskets
Blessings in Abundance

Our Promise

To provide you our best! Let us bless you in abundence with our quality products and services designed for you.  We will cater to your menu vision and make it a reality.

Who We Are

We are a home based small busness based in Virgina. We offer on site catering, with personalized menus for your specific event. We also do confectionalry desserts, baked goods and jams. 

Why choose us?

We are a Chef owend and operated busness wich means there are no shortcuts in our food products. We also bake with unbleached flours. Our jams are ALWAYS made with local hand picked fruits and are canned the same day. 

Meet Kara

Hi, I'm the chef and owner. I am a graduate of Johnson and Whales University from the Norfolk, VA campus. I have 10 years of hotel service behind me. I've done everything from birthdays, weddings, conferences and family reunions. Now I am a self employed stay at home mom of three that wants to do it for myself.